Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jean-Baptiste's Anniversary

Jean-Baptiste’s Anniversary
January 21st, 2007
by Dr. John A. Carroll

One year ago today, Jackson Jean-Baptiste died. He had been denied care at OSF-SFMC.
His sister, Nadia, called me today to remind me about Jackson. His family still lives in their two room shack on the mountain overlooking Port-au-Prince. In the front room, immediately inside the front door, are Jackson’s bible, watch, and a doll still sitting on his bed.

Nadia said her family misses him greatly.

Maxime Petion’s brother Jean-Marcel called today. Maxime will be buried in central Illinois on Saturday. Jean-Marcel told me he was “sad”. He most likely will not be able to be granted his travel visa to attend Maxime’s funeral. He was given an appointment in April with the American Consulate in Haiti for his interview and visa application. That will be a little late.
(Pictured above are two of Jackson’s sisters.)
John A. Carroll,

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